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Jevđović, Tanja
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Aug-2015Distinct vasopressin content in the hypothalamic supraoptic and paraventricular nucleus of rats exposed to low and high ambient temperatureJasnić, Nebojša ; Dakić, Tamara ; Bataveljić, Danijela; Vujović, Predrag ; Lakić, Iva ; Jevđović, Tanja ; Đurašević, Siniša ; Đorđević, Jelena 
21-Feb-2005The effect of hypophysectomy on pancreatic islet hormone and insulin-like growth factor I content and mRNA expression in ratJevđović, Tanja ; Maake, Caroline; Zwimpfer, Cornelia; Krey, Gunthild; Eppler, Elisabeth; Zapf, Jürgen; Reinecke, Manfred
31-Aug-2004Effects of insulin-like growth factor-I treatment on the endocrine pancreas of hypophysectomized rats: Comparison with growth hormone replacementJevđović, Tanja ; Maake, C.; Eppler, E.; Zoidis, E.; Reinecke, M.; Zapf, Juergen
415-Feb-2019Food For Thought: Short-Term Fasting Upregulates Glucose Transporters in Neurons and Endothelial Cells, But Not in AstrocytesDakić, Tamara ; Jevđović, Tanja ; Lakić, Iva ; Đurašević, Siniša ; Đorđević, Jelena ; Vujović, Predrag 
51-Jan-2007Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and its receptor (IGF-1R) in the rat anterior pituitaryEppler, Elisabeth; Jevđović, Tanja ; Maake, Caroline; Reinecke, Manfred
61-May-2007Insulin-Like growth factor-I mRNA and peptide in the human anterior pituitaryJevđović, Tanja ; Bernays, R. L.; Eppler, Elisabeth
71-Jan-2019Morphofunctional parameters of rat somatotrophes after acute and repeated immobilization or restraint stressTrifunović, Svetlana; Lakić, Iva ; Vujović, Predrag ; Jevđović, Tanja ; Šošić-Jurjević, Branka; Milošević, Verica; Đorđević, Jelena 
81-Jan-2013Scratching the surface: Signaling and routing dynamics of the CSF3 receptorPalande, Karishma; Meenhuis, Annemarie; Jevđović, Tanja ; Touw, Ivo Paul
91-Jan-2019Sex–related effects of prenatal stress on region-specific expression of monoamine oxidase A and β adrenergic receptors in rat heartsJevđović, Tanja ; Dakić, Tamara ; Kopanja, Sonja; Lakić, Iva ; Vujović, Predrag ; Jasnić, Nebojša ; Đorđević, Jelena 
101-Dec-2020Short-term fasting differentially regulates PI3K/AkT/mTOR and ERK signalling in the rat hypothalamusDakić, Tamara ; Jevđović, Tanja ; Đorđević, Jelena ; Vujović, Predrag 
111-Jul-2017Short-term fasting promotes insulin expression in rat hypothalamusDakić, Tamara ; Jevđović, Tanja ; Perić, Mina ; Bjelobaba, Ivana; Markelić, Milica ; Milutinović, Bojana; Lakić, Iva ; Jasnić, Nebojša ; Đorđević, Jelena ; Vujović, Predrag 
121-Jan-2018Stress-specific changes of galanin and PACAP expression in the rat hypothalamus and adrenal glandLakić, Iva ; Jevđović, Tanja ; Jasnić, Nebojša ; Dakić, Tamara ; Vujović, Predrag ; Đorđević, Jelena 
131-Jan-2016Time-dependent effects of starvation on pituitary, hypothalamic and serum prolactin levels in rats: Comparison to the galanin expression patternVujović, Predrag ; Lakić, Iva ; Jasnić, Nebojša ; Jevđović, Tanja ; Đurašević, Siniša ; Isenović, Esma; Đorđević, Jelena