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Đorđević, Marko
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Nov-2018Avoidance of trinucleotide corresponding to consensus protospacer adjacent motif controls the efficiency of prespacer selection during primed adaptationMusharova, Olga; Vyhovskyi, Danylo; Medvedeva, Sofia; Guzina, Jelena ; Zhitnyuk, Yulia; Đorđević, Marko ; Severinov, Konstantin; Savitskaya, Ekaterina
21-Nov-2003A biophysical approach to transcription factor binding site discoveryĐorđević, Marko ; Sengupta, Anirvan M.; Shraiman, Boris I.
31-Feb-2019Calculating hard probe radiative energy loss beyond the soft-gluon approximation: Examining the approximation validityBlagojevic, Bojana; Djordjevic, Magdalena; Đorđević, Marko 
41-Apr-2017Contribution of bacterial promoter elements to transcription start site detection accuracyNikolic, Milos; Stankovic, Tamara; Đorđević, Marko 
51-Jan-2018Controller protein of restriction-modification system Kpn2I affects transcription of its gene by acting as a transcription elongation roadblockKlimuk, Evgeny; Bogdanova, Ekaterina; Nagornykh, Max; Rodić, Anđela ; Đorđević, Marko ; Medvedeva, Sofia; Pavlova, Olga; Severinov, Konstantin
631-Jul-2012CRISPR transcript processing: A mechanism for generating a large number of small interfering RNAsĐorđević, Marko ; Djordjevic, Magdalena; Severinov, Konstantin
710-Apr-2019DREENA-B framework: First predictions of R <inf>AA</inf> and v <inf>2</inf> within dynamical energy loss formalism in evolving QCD mediumZigic, Dusan; Salom, Igor; Auvinen, Jussi; Đorđević, Marko ; Djordjevic, Magdalena
826-Jun-2019DREENA-C framework: Joint R <inf>AA</inf> and v <inf>2</inf> predictions and implications to QGP tomographyZigic, Dusan; Salom, Igor; Auvinen, Jussi; Djordjevic, Marko ; Djordjevic, Magdalena
91-Feb-2019Dynamical energy loss formalism: from describing suppression patterns to implications for future experimentsDjordjevic, Magdalena; Zigic, Dusan; Blagojevic, Bojana; Auvinen, Jussi; Salom, Igor; Đorđević, Marko 
107-Jan-2019Effects of population dynamics on establishment of a restriction-modification system in a bacterial hostGraovac, Stefan ; Rodić, Anđela ; Djordjevic, Magdalena; Severinov, Konstantin; Đorđević, Marko 
111-May-2013Efficient transcription initiation in bacteria: An interplay of protein-DNA interaction parametersĐorđević, Marko 
1221-Feb-2019Endogenous gene regulation as a predicted main function of type I-E CRISPR/Cas system in E. ColiBožić, Bojan ; Guzina, Jelena ; Đorđević, Marko 
131-Jan-2014Explaining the fine hierarchy in pion and kaon suppression at LHC: Importance of fragmentation functionsDjordjevic, Magdalena; Đorđević, Marko 
14Jun-2020Exploring the initial stages in heavy-ion collisions with high-p⊥ theory and dataDusan Zigic; Bojana Ilic; Marko Djordjevic ; Magdalena Djordjevic
153-Nov-2017Features of CRISPR-cas regulation key to highly efficient and temporally-specific crRNA productionRodić, Anđela ; Blagojevic, Bojana; Djordjevic, Magdalena; Severinov, Konstantin; Đorđević, Marko 
161-Jun-2008Formation of the open complex by bacterial RNA polymerase - A quantitative modelĐorđević, Marko ; Bundschuh, Ralf
179-Apr-2019From biophysics to 'omics and systems biologyĐorđević, Marko ; Rodić, Anđela ; Graovac, Stefan 
1819-Mar-2012Generalization of radiative jet energy loss to non-zero magnetic massDjordjevic, Magdalena; Đorđević, Marko 
1922-Sep-2014Heavy flavor puzzle from data measured at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider: Analysis of the underlying effectsDjordjevic, Magdalena; Đorđević, Marko 
2019-Jun-2019How to test path-length dependence in energy loss mechanisms: analysis leading to a new observableMagdalena Djordjevic; Dusan Zigic; Marko Djordjevic ; Jussi Auvinen