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Nedeljković, Nadežda
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11-Jan-199617β-estradiol in vitro affects Na-dependent and depolarization-induced Ca <sup>2+</sup> transport in rat brain synaptosomesNikezić, G.; Horvat, A.; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Martinović, J. V.
22-Jun-201617β-Estradiol upregulates ecto-5'-nucleotidase (CD73) in hippocampal synaptosomes of female rats through action mediated by estrogen receptor-α and -βMitrović, N.; Zarić, M.; Drakulić, D.; Martinović, J.; Stanojlović, M.; Sévigny, J.; Horvat, A.; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Grković, I.
31-Mar-201717β-Estradiol-Induced Synaptic Rearrangements Are Accompanied by Altered Ectonucleotidase Activities in Male Rat Hippocampal SynaptosomesMitrović, Nataša; Zarić, Marina; Drakulić, Dunja; Martinović, Jelena; Sévigny, Jean; Stanojlović, Miloš; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Grković, Ivana
41-Jan-2019Application of Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix Analysis as a New Method for Enzyme Histochemistry QuantificationDragić, Milorad ; Zarić, Marina; Mitrović, Nataša; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Grković, IvanaM21
519-Feb-2015Benfotiamine attenuates inflammatory response in LPS stimulated BV-2 microgliaBozic, Iva; Savic, Danijela; Laketa, Danijela ; Bjelobaba, Ivana; Milenkovic, Ivan; Pekovic, Sanja; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Lavrnja, Irena
64-Sep-2015Benfotiamine upregulates antioxidative system in activated BV-2 microglia cellsBozic, Iva; Savic, Danijela; Stevanovic, Ivana; Pekovic, Sanja; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Lavrnja, Irena
71-Jun-2010Biochemical characterization of soluble nucleotide pyrophosphatase/ phosphodiesterase activity in rat serumLaketa, Danijela ; Bjelobaba, Ivana; Savic, Jasmina; Lavrnja, Irena; Stojiljkovic, Mirjana; Rakic, Ljubisav; Nedeljković, Nadežda 
81-Jan-1997Biochemical Characterization of the Hippocampal and Striatal Na,K-ATPase Reveales Striking Differences in Kinetic PropertiesPeković, S.; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Nikezić, G.; Horvat, A.; Stojiljković, M.; Rakić, L.; Martinović, J. V.
96-Feb-2013Brain cortical injury induces changes in peripheral lymphocyte ectonucleotidase activitiesLaketa, Danijela ; Bjelobaba, Ivana; Stojkov, Danijela; Lavrnja, Irena; Parabucki, Ana; Stojiljković, Mirjana; Nedeljković, Nadežda 
101-Jan-2015Brain injury alters ectonucleotidase activities and adenine nucleotide levels in rat serumLaketa, Danijela ; Savić, Jasmina; Bjelobaba, Ivana; Lavrnja, Irena; Vasić, Vesna; Stojiljković, Mirjana; Nedeljković, Nadežda 
111-Jan-2005Combination of nucleoside analogues tiazofurin and ribavirin downregulates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisLavrnja, Irena; Stojkov, Danijela; Peković, Sanja; Subasic, Sanja ; Mostarica-Stojković, Marija; Stošic-Grujičić, Stanislava; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Medić-Mijačević, Ljubica; Rakić, Ljubisav; Stojiljković, Mirjana
1230-Oct-2012Combined Treatment with Ribavirin and Tiazofurin att enuates response of glial cells in Experimental Autoimmune EncephalomyelitisSavić, Danijela; Lavrnja, Irena; Dacić, Sanja ; Bjelobaba, Ivana; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Peković, Sanja; Stojiljković, Mirjana
131-Jun-2019Complex regulation of ecto-5′-nucleotidase/CD73 and A<inf>2A</inf>R-mediated adenosine signaling at neurovascular unit: A link between acute and chronic neuroinflammationNedeljković, Nadežda M21a
141-Jan-2018Correlation between maternal anxiety, reactivity of fetal cerebral circulation to auditory stimulation, and birth outcome in normotensive and gestational hypertensive womenVujović, Marina; Sovilj, Mirjana; Jeličić, Ljiljana; Stokić, Miodrag; Plećaš, Darko; Plešinac, Snežana; Nedeljković, Nadežda M22
151-Sep-2010The cortical stab injury induces beading of fibers expressing ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 3Bjelobaba, I.; Lavrnja, I.; Parabucki, A.; Stojkov, D.; Stojiljkovic, M.; Pekovic, S.; Nedeljković, Nadežda 
161-Jan-2014Developmental increase in ecto-5′-nucleotidase activity overlaps with appearance of two immunologically distinct enzyme isoforms in rat hippocampal synaptic plasma membranesGrkovic, Ivana; Bjelobaba, Ivana; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Mitrovic, Natasa; Drakulic, Dunja; Stanojlovic, Milos; Horvat, Anica
171-Jan-2005Developmental profile of NTPDase activity in synaptic plasma membranes isolated from rat cerebral cortexNedeljković, Nadežda ; Banjac, A.; Horvat, A.; Stojiljkovic, M.; Nikezic, G.
182017Down-regulation of NTPDase2 and ADP-sensitive P2 Purinoceptors Correlate with Severity of Symptoms during Experimental Autoimmune EncephalomyelitisJakovljevic, Marija; Lavrnja, Irena; Bozic, Iva; Savic, Danijela; Bjelobaba, Ivana; Pekovic, Sanja; Sévigny, Jean; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Laketa, Danijela 
191-Jan-2005Downregulation of glial scarring after brain injury: The effect of purine nucleoside analogue ribavirinPeković, Sanja; Filipović, Radmila; Dacić, Sanja ; Lavrnja, Irena; Stojkov, Danijela; Nedeljković, Nadežda ; Rakić, Ljubisav; Stojiljković, Mirjana
201-Jun-2011Dynamic changes in the expression pattern of ecto-5'-nucleotidase in the rat model of cortical stab injuryBjelobaba, Ivana; Parabucki, Ana; Lavrnja, Irena; Stojkov, Danijela; Dacić, Sanja ; Pekovic, Sanja; Rakic, Ljubisa; Stojiljkovic, Mirjana; Nedeljković, Nadežda