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Title: Distribution of the genus Vipera in the western and Central Balkans (Squamata, Serpentes, Viperidae)
Authors: Jelić, Dušan
Ajtić, Rastko
Sterijovski, Bogoljub
Crnobrnja-Isailović, Jelka
Lelo, Suvad
Tomović, Ljiljana 
Keywords: reptilia;squamata;viperidae;Vipera ursinii;Vipera ammodytes;Vipera berus;distribution Balkan Peninsula;Croatia;Bosnia and Herzegovina;Montenegro;Serbia;FYR of Macedonia
Issue Date: Jan-2013
Publisher: Pensoft Publishers
Project: Diversity of the amphibians and reptiles on the Balkan Peninsula: evolutionary and conservation aspects 
Evolution in Heterogeneous Environments: Adaptation Mechanisms, Biomonitoring and Conservation of Biodiversity 
DAAD Grant ref. 324/jo-Y
Journal: Herpetozoa
The Balkan Peninsula is generally recognized as one of the hot-spots of European biodiversity, where vipers of the genus Vipera are represented by two subspecies of the European Adder, (V. berus), two of the Meadow viper (V. ursinii) and three of the nose-horned viper (V. ammodytes). The available atlases and red data Books do not provide precise information on their present distribution or conservation and threat status. Most available records originate from older literature and remain unconfirmed; moreover, there are known or supposed distributional gaps, the course and position of which need verification. in particular, conservation measures, priorities and strategies cannot be established without precise faunistic data. However, the three viper species share additional conservation problems in the Balkans, such as lack of systematic study and public interest, “historical and political burdens”, lack of knowledge, superstition and fear among people, increasing urbanization, habitat destruction, illegal collection, as well as lack of adequate legislation (or regulations at all) in various countries. Presented here is a more complete and new data about the distribution of the vipers in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, serbia and FYR of Macedonia.
ISSN: 10134425
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