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Tomanović, Željko
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2012Aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) in wetland habitats in western palaearctic: Key and associated aphid parasitoid guildsTomanović, Željko ; Starý, Petr; Kavallieratos, Nickolas G.; Gagić, Vesna; Plećaš, Milan ; Janković, Marina; Rakhshani, Ehsan; Ćetković, Aleksandar ; Petrović, Anđeljko 
22-Jan-2020Biodiversity of the natural enemies of aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Northwest TurkeyKök, Şahin; Tomanović, Željko ; Nedeljković, Zorica; Şenal, Derya; Kasap, İsmail
31-Jan-2008Cereal aphids (Hemiptera: Aphidoidea) in Serbia: Seasonal dynamics and natural enemiesTomanović, Željko ; Kavallieratos, Nickolas G.; Starý, Petr; Petrović-Obradović, Olivera; Athanassiou, Christos G.; Stanisavljević, Ljubiša Ž. See "Stanisavljević, Ljubiša" 
43-Jul-2019Charipinae (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) of Serbia – Distribution and trophic interactions.Petrović, Anđeljko ; Tomanović, Željko ; Ferrer-Suay, Mar
522-Oct-2019Comparative morphometric analysis of petioles and forewings of the European Binodoxys Mackauer species (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae)Lazarević, Maja ; Stanković, Saša S.; Petrović, Anđeljko ; Ilić Milošević, Marijana; Tomanović, Željko ; Ivanović, Ana ; Žikić, Vladimir
61-Jan-2008Distribution and diversity of wheat aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) in IranRakhshani, Ehsan; Tomanović, Željko ; Starý, Petr; Talebi, Ali Asghar; Kavallieratos, Nickolas G.; Zamani, Abbas Ali; Stamenković, Srđan 
71-Nov-2010Does allometry account for shape variability in ephedrus persicae froggatt (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) parasitic wasps?Žikić, Vladimir; Tomanović, Željko ; Kavallieratos, Nickolas; Starý, Petr; Ivanović, Ana 
81-Jan-2001Ecological studies of osmia cornuta (latr.) (hymenoptera, megachilidae) populations in yugoslavia with special attention to their diapauseKrunic, M.; Stanisavljević, Ljubiša ; Brajkovic, M.; Tomanović, Željko ; Radovic, I.
918-Dec-2019Estimation of the competitiveness of Ephedrus plagiator in relation to other parasitoids from the subfamily AphidiinaeIlić-Milošević, Marijana; Petrović-Obradović, Olivera; Stanković, Saša; Lazarević, Maja ; Trajković, Aleksandra; Tomanović, Željko ; Žikić, Vladimir
1022-Jul-2017Evolutionary relationships of wing venation and wing size and shape in Aphidiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)Žikić, Vladimir; Stanković, Saša; Petrović, Andjeljko; Ilić Milošević, Marijana; Tomanović, Željko ; Klingenberg, Christian Peter; Ivanović, Ana 
111-Feb-2017Functional role of different habitat types at local and landscape scales for aphids and their natural enemiesJanković, Marina; Plećaš, Milan ; Sandić, D.; Popović, Anđelka ; Petrović, Anđeljko ; Petrović-Obradović, O.; Tomanović, Željko ; Gagić, Vesna
121-Jan-2015Genetic and morphological variation in sexual and asexual parasitoids of the genus Lysiphlebus - An apparent link between wing shape and reproductive modePetrović, Anđeljko ; Mitrović, Milana; Ivanović, Ana ; Žikić, Vladimir; Kavallieratos, Nickolas; Starý, Petr; Bogdanović, Ana Mitrovski; Tomanović, Željko ; Vorburger, Christoph
1311-Mar-2019Hidden in plain sight: phylogeography of an overlooked parasitoid species Trioxys sunnysidensis Fulbright & Pike (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae)Čkrkić, Jelisaveta ; Petrović, Andjeljko ; Kocić, Korana ; Ye, Zhengpei; Vollhardt, Ines M.G.; Hebert, Paul D.N.; Traugott, Michael; Tomanović, Željko 
141-Dec-2016High genetic diversity and a new cryptic species within the Ephedrus persicae species group (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae)Petrović, Anđeljko ; Kocić, Korana ; Kos, Katarina; Plećaš, Milan ; Žikić, Vladimir; Kavallieratos, Nickolas G.; Tomanović, Željko 
1516-Apr-2019Hymenoptera complex associated with myzus persicae and hyalopterus spp. In peach orchards in northeastern spain and prospects for biological control of aphidsAparicio, Yahana; Gabarra, Rosa; Riudavets, Jordi; Starý, Petr; Tomanović, Željko ; Kocić, Korana ; Pujade-Villar, Juli; Ferrer-Suay, Mar; Porta-Cuesta, Victor; Arnó, Judit
161-Mar-2013Identification of two cryptic species within the praon abjectum group (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) using molecular markers and geometric morphometricsMitrovski-Bogdanović, Ana; Petrović, Anđeljko ; Mitrović, Milana; Ivanović, Ana ; Žikić, Vladimir; Starý, Petr; Vorburger, Christoph; Tomanović, Željko 
1718-Mar-2019Integrative taxonomy of root aphid parasitoids from the genus paralipsis (hymenoptera, braconidae, aphidiinae) with description of new speciesMitrovic, Milana; Starý, Petr; Jakovljevic, Miljana; Petrović, Anđeljko ; Žikic, Vladimir; Pérez Hidalgo, Nicolás; Tomanović, Željko 
1815-Jan-2014Landscape composition and configuration influence cereal aphid-parasitoid-hyperparasitoid interactions and biological control differentially across yearsPlećaš, Milan ; Gagić, Vesna; Janković, Marina; Petrović-Obradović, O.; Kavallieratos, N. G.; Tomanović, Željko ; Thies, C.; Tscharntke, T.; Ćetković, Aleksandar 
191-May-2014Molecular and morphological variability within the Aphidius colemani group with redescription of Aphidius platensis Brethes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae)Tomanović, Željko ; Petrović, Anđeljko ; Mitrović, Milana; Kavallieratos, Nickolas; Starý, Petr; Rakhshani, Ehsan; Rakhshanipour, Mansoureh; Popović, Anđelka ; Shukshuk, A. H.; Ivanović, Ana 
201-Jan-2009Morphological characterization of Ephedrus persicae biotypes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) in the PalaearcticẐikić, Vladimir; Tomanović, Željko ; Ivanović, Ana ; Kavallieratos, Nickolas G.; Starý, Petr; Stanisavljević, Ljubiša ; Rakhshani, Ehsan

(Principal Investigator)

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